Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Live the DREAM

I am living a life to accomplish all my DREAMS, are YOU?

Before starting please watch 3 mins Video by T Rangarajan

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I want to start with a small TRUE story to which represent our corporate life.

It is about CIRCUS FLEAs. Circus Fleas can jump 13 inches, 200 times the length
of their own Bodies. That's how they jump from one animal to the next. This would be equal to a 6 feet human jumping 900 Feet!

If we were to catch a flea and put in a jar without lid, it would be easy for the flea to jump out of jar. But There is a way out. In the old story of the flea circus, the trainer quickly put a lid on the jar after capturing these tiny creatures. Whenever the fleas tried to jump......BANG!........They would hit the lid and fall back down into the jar. Over and over, the fleas would try to jump, and every time they would fall back down. Eventually they would continue to jump just high enough to reach slightly below the lid.

Seeing this, we might think these fleas are pretty smart, but our opinion of them would change if we see what happened when the lid is finally removed. The
fleas would continue to jump to a height just below the lid, but they would not
jump any higher. Eventually the fleas are convinced that jumping high enough to
get out of the jar results in nothing but a BIG HEADACHE. Or we can say They have been conditioned that they simply gave up trying to explore the world beyond the jar. They stayed in place, refusing to try again, eventually settled for the life in jar.

In the similar FASHION we the people in Corporate world have given up on attaining DREAMs in life, which we would have seen from our childhood till college days or so. People do not see things beyond their Cubicles. They sit whole day in cubicle and no enthusiasm about life or tomorrow, when you ask question "How are you doing", you will always get answer "Thik Thak hi hai" or in English "its ok Going on" in a low voice. We the Corporate people CEASED to believe that we will ever achieve the GOALs or accomplish DREAMs once we had seen. Our MIND is conditioned in such
a way that we gave up all the sweet things in life, like Circus Flea, which can achieve.

If we don't take risk of banging our self on the head, we won't get injured. In other words, if we don't take the risk of FREEING ourselves from the present situation, we wont feel any pain.

Lets face it, we humans want to live in comfort zone or emotional or financial
bondage (The jar), and don't want to do anything to come out of it and experience
the rewards we gain by jumping out of the COMFORT ZONE (The Jar).

Please look at the Mindset PICTURE carefully, and assess YOURSELF where are you, 2% or 98%? If 98% then, are YOU really HAPPY about it? If you are already in 2% then CONGRATULATIONS.

At the end please watch another video by T Rangarajan 6 mins Video

If you are thinking, you can work on it after some more time, then don't forget that time never comes. Its always NOW.  Because as the last video also passed the message until we BIGIN we can not SUCCEED.

Do read my next blog on how much time is left (

At last, do watch an amazing powerful (6 min) video on DREAM big and don't just exist.

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  1. Yes. We need to define our small and big dreams and strive to achieve it. Enjoy the journey.

  2. Nice story sir. We should think about ourselves as limitless who can achieve anything any goal. Think beyond limit and perform for it. That is the key of extraordinary success.

  3. Gud 1....thnk out of d box n achieve ur dream....provided u ve all d skillsets....vry less pple hu cnvrt dere dream into reality....:-)

  4. Santosh:: superb. Let us work crazily and achieve massive success...

  5. Good One Santosh Bhai and All the Best

  6. Nice one. Its really hard to come out from comfort zone and try a new one. Non devil is better than unknown devil.

  7. fantastic blog.Kindly keep on writing frrequently

  8. Very interesting blog Santosh... It's an eye-opener.

  9. Superb!! Excellent Santosh ji.. Keep writing and share with us. Eye-opener

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  11. superb...when we stopped trying, we can not achieve anything...good article...

  12. It's motivational.. Thinking outside the limits..

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  14. very true...our thinking (belief) define we should change train our mind to think big..when we start thinking big...the solution will also start to appear.....believe and then receive....

  15. Very true fact of the beings and a motivational & inspiring enough to start dreaming big and perform like an insane to achieve great heights.

  16. Great article. And video. Thanks for sharing this. Keep posted these type of articles. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Thank you Sachin for the comment... It is something which needs to be implemented in life.

  18. Good Story and well said Santosh. Nicely written and inspiring.

  19. this blog sums up my current life... the question that i ask myself everyday.. is it worth leaving my comfort zone? will i achieve something big? what if i fail? what will people think of me?? this blog has all the answers... really inspiring .. thank you sir!!!

    1. Thanks Abhinav for comment... I know a very important thing when I am dying bed.... I should just look back in past and think... WAH What a Life I lived....
      When we fail we learn and when we Pass we move forward. Both are required for being successful.

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  21. Drawing parallels between reality and the life of a circus flea is one of a kind...I wonder though who is the trainer in real life?
    Could you elaborate more on that?